Now it’s time to evaluate the campaign

In the past few weeks my group and I have been tying up all the loose ends of our campaign and evaluating our success. Evaluation is a very new thing to me. I have had a few internships and plenty of “real world” experience in the public relations world but I have never truly evaluated the success (or failure) of my work. Sitting down and truly looking at the success of our work as a group has been an interesting process. In some areas we exceeded our expectations and in others we kind of fell flat. But I think that is the true nature of any public relations campaign. All of your ideas are not going to work and you cannot always make people pay attention to you or your client. Throughout our campaign we relied heavily on social media to reach our target audience and we feel that we were quite successful in making impressions through our various social media sites. The Facebook page we created for LDSC has over 360 “likes” with the largest percentage of “likes” coming from our target audience (we learned this information from the nifty insights page Facebook creates for the organization’s page). Similarly the LDSC’s Twitter page had similar success with multiple organizations tagging and tweeting about LDSC. We are still waiting on the final results from our post-campaign awareness survey, but I feel that with our results from social media we definitely achieved our goal in making our target audience more aware of LDSC.

I cannot believe that I am almost done with campaigns and that my last semester at LSU is almost over. I never thought that this day would actually come. I have really enjoyed my final semester, and even though at times campaigns was overwhelming, I have really enjoyed all that I have learned from the class. As the semester draws to a close so does my time spent working with Louisiana Delta Service Corps and Prelude Public Relations and I am going to miss all the crazy times working on this campaign.

I truly feel that the skills I have learned while working in campaigns and as a student in the Manship School will help me be successful in the public relations world. As I push through these final weeks of school I look forward to graduation and my future as a public relations professional.

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Off to a Good Start

This week was the start of our group public relations campaign. I have been grouped with 5 other girls and I am really excited about working with them. We have been partnered with Louisiana Delta Service Corps. 

What is Louisiana Delta Service Corp you ask? Well I had the exact same question. They are great non-profit organization and AmeriCorps program. They help to place corps members into different member organizations all over the state of Louisiana.

Our initial meeting with our client was great! Betsy Irvine is going to be our main contact person and I think she is going to be a great person to work with. One of the main points Ms. Irvine made in our meeting was that Louisiana Delta Service Corps and AmeriCorps are the best kept secrets. I only knew about AmeriCorps because I had a friend who worked with them for a few years in New Orleans. Everyone has heard of Teach For America and the Peace Corps, but not that many people know about the opportunities that are available through AmeriCorps and Louisiana Delta Service Corps. Because of this our main objective with our campaign is to increase awareness and knowledge of Louisiana Delta Service Corps and the opportunities they offer.

During our meeting Ms. Irvine was telling us about several of the projects that they have members working on. One that I found especially interesting was the Edible School Yard. It is located at a the Samuel J. Green Charter School in New Orleans and they have an organic garden on the campus. But what is the coolest thing about the Edible School Yard is that every lesson is taught using the garden. From English to science, the teachers use the garden to teach the students and they even use the food from the garden in the cafeteria. It just sounded like such an interesting and innovative project. We hope to be able to take a trip down to visit several of the sites in New Orleans and I hope we get to see the Edible School Yard!

I have interned with a few non-profits before but they are both in the healthcare industry so I am excited to see another type of non-profit and see what they are doing for the community. I am really interested in working in the non-profit sector when I graduate so I am glad to be getting even more experience to enter the “real world” with.

Though we are only in the initial planning stages of our campaign, I can tell that it is going to be a lot of work but I am excited for the challenge and the opportunity to gain new public relations experiences!