The PRocess of planning an event

One of the major ways to get an organizations name out and raise awareness is through an event. Since the main purpose of our campaign for Louisiana Delta Service Corps is to raise name recognition and awareness in the college community, my group and I decided to host an informational meeting to spread the word. Our event is Monday April, 2, at St. Alban’s Episcopal Chapel. We are hoping that the event will give LDSC an opportunity to let their target audience know what their organization does and the benefits that they can offer. We are planning to have two current corps members, who are actually married to each other, to talk about their experience as corps members and why they decided to work for LDSC. After the current corps members speak, we plan to have an alumna of the organization speak about how she has benefited from working with LDSC and how it is great for networking.

The main way we are publicizing the event is through social media. The survey that we conducted at the beginning of our campaign indicated how crucial social media is when targeting the 18-24 age group. A majority of people in this age group use social media as a main medium for receiving information. We have created LDSC a new Facebook page and Twitter in order to promote the event to their target audience. We also plan to use other traditional forms to promote the event, including a press release and fliers.

At the event we plan to premiere a promotional and informational video that we have commissioned to be created. We wanted to create something that they could use to tell the story of LDSC and what they do that would be entertaining to the audience they are trying to reach. Our generation really responds to things that are visual but they need to be captivating to be able to hold our attention. We felt that a short informational video would be a good way to get the word out about LDSC but also catch the attention of their target audience. One member of our group got to spend a memorable day helping film several of the host sites in New Orleans. Check out her blog for more details on that experience.

Check back to see how the event went and if we succeeded in raising awareness of LDSC!

For more information on me and our campaign check out my Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!


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