The relationship between a public relations campaign and social media

One of the main things that I have learned from all my experiences in the public relations world is that social media is key to the success of a company and their public relations campaigns. In this day and age everyone has social media. And I mean everyone. From our parents (and even some people’s grandparents), to celebrities, to companies. Social media are one of the main methods of communication. As I search for jobs, almost every position in the public relations/marketing sector require experience with social media.

In the research step of the ROPES process my group (Prelude Public Relations) did a survey to gain information about our target audience, young adults between 18 and 24 years old. In the survey results we learned that a large majority of our target audience gets most of their information and news from social media. We think this is a very important fact when it comes to raising awareness of our organization, Louisiana Delta Service Corps.

Our organization does have a Facebook and Twitter, though they are not using either site to their full potential. One of our major strategies is to increase the usage of the social media profiles that LDSC already has and to involve them on other social media sites. Recently nonprofits have been getting more involved on Pinterest and using it as another site to communicate with their audience and the general public. Another site that many companies and nonprofits are using is LinkedIn. We hope to have profiles for LDSC on both of these sites by the end of the campaign. One of LDSC major weaknesses is setting themselves apart from their partners sites, and we feel that by branding themselves on these social media sites they will be able to make themselves more visible and raise awareness of what they do in the Louisiana community.

Another major strength of social media is that it is an interactive medium for communication. A company and its audience can have two-way communication through these social media sites allowing for a better relationship between the organization and their publics. We really hope to use these sites to increase the interaction between LDSC and their former corps members through an alumni page on several social media sites.

Our next step is begin promoting LDSC and our event on social media! Check back for updates on our campaign!

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