So what’s the next step? Is it objectives?

Before I took a mass communication class, I never knew how complex objectives really were. Throughout my time at the Manship School  I have learned exactly what makes an objective and the certain criteria they need to meet. Over and over again it has always been emphasized that objectives need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely).

From the beginning of our project my group and I have really tried to apply the ROPES process that we have been taught in pretty much every mass communication class we have taken. Last week I covered the first step in the process, research, so it only seems fitting that this week I would just continue on to the next step, objectives.

I originally thought that a goal and an objective were basically the same thing but I have since found out they have different purposes. A goal is the overarching thing that you want to achieve. Our goal for our campaign for Louisiana Delta Service Corps is to increase awareness of the organization and what they do in their target audience. An objective is more specific and targeted at achieving a certain part of the goal. An example of one is increasing Facebook impressions by 10 percent by April 1. We are still trying to get the best objectives for our goal and objectives that will help us have a successful campaign, but don’t worry they will be SMART.

As I learned about the ROPES process in one mass communication class after the other I never really thought that one day I would sit down and actually apply it step by step. After working on this campaign I have found that not to be the case. By using the ROPES process I really think that my group has been able to remain on track and stay organized.

The next steps are creating SMART objectives and to begin planning the main portion of the campaign. We have already got the ball rolling on an event and have established a theme. I am really excited to see the campaign really start to take shape. I never thought that I would apply all the things I have been taught over the last four years so much until I started this class.

Check back for more on Prelude PR’s campaign and the next step in the ROPES process-Planning!

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